1. microscopic course - training addressed to people who are just starting their adventure with working with a microscope and those who want to improve previously acquired skills. The knowledge and practice they will gain during microscopic training will enable them to work precisely in the office with the patient, which will result in a long-term effect of treatment.

  2. endo course - microscopic training, which will make primary and repeated root canal treatment a standard procedure performed in everyday practice. Endo course is learning and training lasting several dozen hours under the care of experienced trainers who will share with the participants their proven techniques for root canal treatment. In combination with a modern microscope, expect success!

  3. closing the root canal perforation - this course is aimed at teaching participants how to deal with the perforation formed in the tooth. During the endo training, participants close it using MTA material and specialized tools. The success of closing perforations also lies in the treatment in magnification, preferably the microscopic one. Good visibility enables the success of the procedure and the completion of root canal treatment.

  4. endodontics course - thanks to the endo course you will learn in a practical way how to carry out primary root canal treatment in one visit. You will gain knowledge about the tools used for individual procedures, learn how to work with a microscope and most importantly - you will learn effective techniques in root canal treatment.
  5. broken files removal - this course responds to a problem that affects many doctors during practice, that is, the removal of a broken tool from the tooth canal. During the microscopic training, participants will learn various techniques that can be used to remove the tool, including the use of a needle and a hand files. With the help of previously learned methods, they will remove a pair of broken tools from models composed of human teeth.

  6. root canal re-treatment - we offer course to people who want to expand their services and perform not only primary root canal treatment, but also repeated. During the microscopic course on root canal re-treatment, other issues are additionally discussed, such as closing perforations, removing broken tools, or developing obligated channels. Like all endo courses at the Academy, participants also work in professional, microscopic magnification.

  7. rotary root canal preparation - this course is a basic training in which students learn how to carry out effective primary root canal treatment, which is one of the most frequently performed procedures in dental offices. Our trainers work in accordance with Global and modern standards and teach in this way - for this reason, participants learn about the rotary root canal preparation and the filling of canals with warm gutta-percha.

  8. microscopic course - consists of three days, during which participants learn how to work with a dental microscope, how to develop a tooth chamber, find canals, and then how to machine develop and fill them. This is a basic and comprehensive endo course, thanks to which you are able to heal the root canal tooth on one visit!

  9. endo course - endo courses at EndoMasters Academy is a series of microscopic trainings, during which participants learn the techniques and methods of precise performance of primary root canal treatment and re-treatment. They also learn how to deal with problems that the doctor may encounter during such treatment - for example, how to remove a broken file, develop obliged channels or close the perforation. 

  10. obliged canals - training in repeated root canal treatment and dealing with problems in endodontics, includes learning how to develop obstructed tooth canals. During the endo training, participants learn how and what tools to use to develop obstructed, fused canals and successfully complete root canal treatment. And all in microscopic magnification.
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